Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jama'at-e-Islami in Pakistan & Bangladesh

Bangladesh's new laws takes it miles ahead of Pakistan in combating radicalism and ideology-oriented genocide and rape. The two countries with a combined history of around 24 years (1947-1971) are going in totally different directions. Pakistan lives up with unleashing more of its monsters with more freedom, more hit targets and more space to move around. Bangladesh is in top gear towards capping the jin in bottle by amending the laws to prosecute and punish its all time vampiric Jama'at-e-Islami (JI) accused of genocide and rape while working as Pakistan's proxy in 1971 war that led to the division of the state founded mainly on religious grounds per text books.

The amended laws, approved on Feb 17, 2013, will allow the prosecution of the country’s largest Islamic party Jamaat-i-Islami and other organizations for its alleged involvement in the 1971 war crimes. The move can lead to banning JI and others groups involved in the war crimes against their own people.
Bangladesh Parliament also amended war crime laws to ensure the Jama'at leaders can be swiftly executed if convicted. It further allows petitioners to challenge the sentence if it is less than death. It set a 60-day limit for the supreme court to dispose of appeals.
In Pakistan, its the other way round. The Jama'at-e-Islami of 1947-71 has given birth to 100s of bloody proxies, clean shaved civil/military establishment, radicalized institutes,  paranoid writers and journalists. It has its anchors on Pakistan's so-called vibrant electronic media koshering day and night the murderous agenda of TTP, LeJ, al-Qaeda, Jundullah, SSP, Lashkar-e-Islam, Ghazi Brigade, Afia Siddiqi Brigade-to name a few. Its members are treated at par with Pakistan's largest political parties on media despite its zero representation in the country's parliament and provincial assemblies.
The TTP which could be better called 'Butcher of Pakistanis' consider JI, what Bengalis call JI and its leader Abdul Quader Molla the 'Butcher of Bengalis', as the godfather of all radicals. Most of al-Qaeda top leaders were arrested from the houses of JI members in Pakistan. Its top leadership in Pakistan has been fanning fratricide in the neighboring Afghanistan for the last 30 years to a level of craziness. And the TTP lately rejected the Feb 14th APC for resolving terrorism on the grounds that the JI didn't participate in it.
Pakistanis have yet to identify their enemies. Bangladeshis have identified their own. The tens of thousands of Bengali youth is seeking a secular future for themselves at Dhaka's Shahbagh square since Feb 5, 2013, rejecting the politics of the JI. The youth in Pakistan, instead, is following a former cricket star Imran Khan who is more radical than many religious leaders and hence got the title of 'Taliban Khan'.
The right wing media in Pakistan has made it hard for people to recognize the enemy  within the country's political and geographic boundaries. The enemy is wearing religious robes with a security cap on the head, taking the name of Allah when slaughtering a fellow Muslim. That is an acceptable practice to the country majority ethnic group Punjabis as long as the throat of a non-Punjabi Pakistani slits.
The coward enemy has neither the resources nor the will to fight against US or Indian  troops on the battlefield. He is existing and multiplying only to kill the unprotected civilian leaders, activists they think is a threat for their master.
Today Bangladesh deserves applaud from the world civil society for taking actions against those involved in the mass murder of over three million people and raping 1000s Muslim women in 1971. The genocide of Muslims was committed by none but the Muslim radical groups led by Jama'at-e-Islami. They were Pakistan military proxies then and they continue so now. Nothing changed.