Sunday, May 6, 2012

Monsters Bigger Than Osama bin Laden

Osama bin Laden's (OBL) criticism (as revealed in the leaked documents) of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and its brutal affiliates conveys one clear message to the peace-loving people of Pakistan, that is, the country has monsters bigger than the world's most wanted terrorist. They are those who avoid condemning TTP terrorism and hold protest rallies against military operations, drone attacks and all resources on the ground that endanger TTP existence and its network. 
They are, interestingly, not the ordinary Khateebs or Imams of mosques but men and women who are proud of their exposure to western education and culture. 
On top of the list is PTI's leader Imran Khan. The clean-shaven, western educated and once a play boy of London is the emerging extremist leader in modern attire on Pakistan's urban middle class horizon. The guy condemns each and every drone attack, the only workable tool against the terrorists, in his public rallies, twitter and facebook but has adopted an utter hush approach on the TTP terror campaign. In his Islamabad rally on May 6ht, he recalled the latest drone attack that killed 10 militants in Waziristan and condemned it. However, he chose ignorance on the killing of 29 innocent people in a suicide attack in Bajaur on May 4th---TTP accepted the responsibility of that attack. 
Mr Khan also didn't mention the blowing up of a girls school in South Waziristan on the day he was talking nonsense in Islamabad rally, nor he advised, TTP not to hide in girls/boys school for cover against the drones. 
After Mr. Khan comes in his political rivals--Sharif brothers--the comfort-loving kings of Lahore throne. The junior Sharif will be remembered for his appeal to Taliban wherein he called Taliban his brothers and requested them not to carry terror attacks in their kingdom, Punjab. He reminded Taliban his bond of relationship while addressing an audience in a madrassah in 2011. Compared with OBL's assessment of TTP as revealed in the documents taken in US custody during the Abbottabad raid, Sharifs are all praise for the TTP and its affiliates. For them, Taliban are brothers and Hafiz Saeed is preacher of peace, leading a mission of de-radicalization. 
The pious Sharif brothers, despite their claim of leaders of Pakistan, have never, for the sake of record, condemned TTP's suicide attacks in north west Pakistan nor the blowing up of schools in FATA. 
The TTP lovers are not few in Pakistan. The 40 leaders of Defa-e-Pakistan Council (DPC) with names such as Pakistan former Chief of Army Staff Gen Aslam Beg, ex-ISI chief Gen Hamid Gul, Hafiz Saeed with US bounty of $10 million, the spiritual father of Taliban Maulana Sami ul Haq and a platoon of journalists with their past affiliation with Jamat-e-Islami, are always there to defend TTP's terror acts as 'reaction' to drones. The pro-Taliban tsunami in Pakistan led by Imran Khan and Sharifs among politicians, Gen Gul from retired and (may be the like-minded serving military top servicemen), and anchors such as Kamran Khan, Mehr Bukhari, Talat Hussain and Nadeem Malak in media is telling the outer world that Pakistan continues living with bigger monsters than the one gunned down in a US Seals raid in Pakistan on May 2nd, 2011. 
None of them have the courage to come forward and show the same disdain for the TTP that was shown by OBL for the notorious group. Their consistent silence on TTP's attacks on citizens and schools would be a question voters would hopefully ask them when they would be going to ballot boxes late this year.

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