Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pakistan's Right Media Lost another Moment of Joy

The self-righteous TV anchors with plenty of Misters and Misses "Right" lost another moment of Hurrah as the Supreme Court verdict on April 26th didn't deliver what they were desiring for. A 'token' punishment, no mention of 'disqualification', elected prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani's 'refusal' to resign on--what a dictator's son Ijaz ul Haq called 'grounds of high moral' and a cold response to the pious Sharif brothers' agitation have turned Kamran Khan & Co into desperado journos. 
Pakistan's most rightist after the country's top military brass, Mr Kamran Khan proved himself the most idiot person on April 26th, during the whole memogate episodes, coverage of the May 2nd US raid deep inside Pakistan on the hidden den of terror king Osama bin Laden (OBL) and on days he thought elected government was in trouble. He is not alone, though, in propagating the 'national interests' without questioning where those interests would land in Pakistan. 
The establishment-fed and the military-inspired anchors of Pakistan private TV networks are increasingly growing beards in their tummies on issues such as Pakistan's proxies in Afghanistan and India or relations with the US. On civil vs military relations, they sound more like a brigadier in a three-star uniform. On Punjab vs other provinces or center, the TV journos and many columnists become dark-skinned Punjabi journalists, throwing to the dogs the otherwise much debated values of morality, justice, equality and federation.
Mr Kamran Khan & Co are the shameless proven brand of Pakistani journos who would be referred as rotten apples in possible research works on Pakistani media. They appear on TVs and print media with invisible beards, stars and X-swords on shoulders, Punjabi pride (based on head counts) and ethnic bias everyday, helplessly poisoning the masses. Their lack of legal, political and regional education make them marked JAHEL (ignorant) juornos, putting in shame consistently the few reasonable voices in the country's media. Last year on May 2nd, they failed raising the most essential question: Who protected OBL in a garrison city Abbottabad for six years. Instead, they tried their best changing the course of debate. The JAHEL Mr Khan & Co. were rather holding the elected offices accountable for weakening Pakistan and accusing the elected civilian set-up for allowing US to carry out the attack against their 21st century sex-hungry so-called Khalifa who was hiding along with his three wives at a stone throw distance from a military base. One year passed on since lucky May 2nd 2011 uprooted the monster but the ignorant media didn't ask who protected OBL in Pakistan. That question has been left for the Pakistani citizens, demanding more persistently the exposure of the OBL's protectors. On the memo gate, Pakistan's JAHEL anchors would have loved sitting on the Supreme Court bench to declare president Zardari and ambassador Hussain Haqqani as traitors and set a three day deadline for executing them at a public square near the GHQ. Their biased coverage never raised red flags on the intentions and actions of the then most controversial chief of ISI general retired Ahmad Shuja Pasha under whose watch the world's most-wanted man OBL managed hiding till he was just hunted down in the sleeve of a military garrison. Nor they asked why the then spy chief was seeking support of the Arab Shiekhs for a reported coup detate, he and the top brass was reportedly planning, against the civilian government after the May 2nd raid. 
Pakistani anchors have yet to give a fair assessment of the effectiveness of the drone attacks in FATA. The drones have killed the country's top terrorist Baitullah Mehsud and hundreds of high and low profile militants but the so-called pious men and women in the TV networks term the most needy and effective anti-Terrorists program so far as violation of the sovereignty despite the fact the government has no writ in the drone-covered border regions. 
The lack of criticism on Sharifs-led Punjab and presenting the government over there as a model of governance speak of the geographic and ethnic bias of the media men. The Punjabi bias and nationalism had turned the Right media blind towards the Mughal-style rule in Punjab. The mainstream media dominated by the likes of Kamran Khans did't question why the chief minister of Punjab has 19 portfolios in his occupation or how humanly its possible for one man to supervise 19 miniseries. It didn't ask the Sharifs how they dared calling Taliban as their brothers who behead Pakistani soldiers, citizens, destroy schools and have killed 37000 Pakistanis in terror attacks since 9/11. Nor Sharifs were challenged on writing off their loans, evading taxes and using OBL's funds in dethroning elected governments. 
Sorry for Mr Kamran Khan & Co. as you couldn't leave the circus with a 'Hurrah' slogan on April 26th. Bad day for you guys. The ruling coalition and neither the masses failed you. Your own judiciary and your own horses didn't deliver what you were dreaming of. The verdict didn't call for disqualifica tion and Sharifs are busy drinking Lassi as they would hardly go for a tough ride in the near future.

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