Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Is Gen Pasha the Only Competent Son?

The average Pakistani would reply in affirmative. The decades old positive image of Pakistan military and showing the ever-smiling face of the ISI chief general Shuja Pasha in media have a smoke screen effect for an open eye, hiding from it the ‘dirty job’ of the men in uniform.
That Gen Pasha will get a third extension as ISI chief is not yet confirmed. However, the possibility of that option or the chances of getting another lucrative job after his retirement on March 18, 2012 makes him the ONLY COMPETENT SON OF PAKISTAN. 
The iron hands at the back of Gen Pasha have already placed him in a first-rate bargaining position--“Give him an extension on his current post or make him the chief watchdog of Pakistan’s nukes.” A win-win deal for Gen Pasha and those who believe in his awesome competence.
The losers are a few bloody civilians. They are damn cared. The powerful establishment matters. It has the self-proclaimed authority of who to be awarded with the ISO certificate. The history tells that privilege is only for the serving and retired military generals in Pakistan. In Gen Pasha case, his lobby has one hundred and one reasons to permanently award him with what best the State of Pakistan can offer to him.
A bloody civilian in Pakistan is not jealous, though. He is simply scratching his head nonstop since May 2, 2011 and hardly asks: How on earth the world’s most wanted man Osama bin Laden (OBL) lived for about six years in a garrison city under the ever-watching eye and ever-spying instinct of Gen Pasha and his institute called ISI?
The bloody civilian asks: What makes the basis of Gen Pasha’s selective intelligence? He would go to London to meet Ijaz Mansoor to find out who in the civil government dared writing a memo to the then US admiral to prevent a possible military coup in Pakistan after the US raid on OBL’s mansion and would arrest Dr Shakil Afridi who US claimed helped in locating OBL in Pakistan.
The bloody civilian asks: What was the purpose of Gen Pasha visits to the Gulf states soon after the May 2nd national embarrassment? The author of the memo saga Ijaz Mansoor accused him of seeking support of the Arab sheikhs for the military coup. The military, however, believes in Mr Mansoor’s version of the memo scandal but denies his statements on Gen Pasha’s activities during his trips to the Gulf states.
The bloody civilian asks: How a few men in camouflaged uniform attacked PNS Mehran, killing soldiers and destroying the ‘parked’ plane at the base? He asks: Was it an inside job?
He asks: Why ISI is accused of protecting Afghanistan’s militant group Haqqani Network and Quetta Shura? Is it a matter of ‘national interest?
With the exception of those involved in it, everyone in Pakistan asks who is abducting civilians, Baloch nationalists and dissidents and report them ‘missing’?
The very mediamen ask who killed journalist Saleem Shehzad?
Unfortunately, all these questions have been raised since the only competent son of Pakistan Gen Pasha had got the charge of the country’s spy agency ISI.

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