Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pakistan’s Hate-Based Defense on Rise

The Muslims in Pakistan don’t need Dr Muhammad Iqbal to ‘dream’ for them the next 10 or 20 years. The information revolution in the 21st century empowers ordinary men and women to project the future with more or less exact approximations. They are depending less on what many call ‘heavily distorted’ history books to see the past and trace the future. The history books in a multi-ethnic subcontinent or present Pakistan are eternally controversial due to its biased contents. The state and media’s recognitions there go for individuals belonging to the majority ethnic groups or influential circles and dynasties.
Sorry for this brief digression---talking of the next 10-20 years, the immediate future of Pakistan. Is the glass half full or half empty? The answer is nightmarish. The chances are that the silent majority will remain moderate, open and friendly to other nations, cultures, minorities and worldly progress. But will they make the face of Pakistan?
No. The hate-based defense preachers are, rather, becoming the face and voice of Pakistan. They are men and women disguised in the gullible uniform of pious orthodox religious leaders. They are not alone in their mission of changing Pakistan in next few years. Their support root is based in the country’s most powerful corridors with zealots in media.
The newly pumped up ‘Hate Class’ is not in love with their perpetual neighbor India. They want all Muslims should launch Jehad against USA though all of them remained US proxy mercenaries in the 80s in Afghanistan. They have a ‘hush hush’ policy when their foot soldiers—Taliban, Lashkari Tayyeba, al-Qaeda etc., behead or gun down a dozen of Pakistani soldiers or blow up innocent men in a mosque. They celebrate the coward act of Qadri and support the traders in business disputes with the Ahmadis. They show up riding on horses with swords in hands and slogans of ‘kill’.
Yes—Pakistan is moving in that direction. This trend is on the rise and the platform is already there called Defa-e-Pakistan Council (DPC) with all sorts of criminals under one umbrella. They are there to save us with swords in their hands from THEIR enemies—US, India, Ahmadis, Baluch nationalists, leaders like Benazir Bhutto, Salman Taseer, Shehbaz Bhatti, Aasia Bibi, and independent journalists such as Saleem Shehzad.

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