Sunday, August 28, 2011

Taseers kidnapping and Qadris Winning

The message in Shahbaz Taseer’s kidnapping is clear and loud—Qadris are winning in Pakistan. Nobody has claimed responsibility yet but that crazy ‘Qadri’ mindset is a handy tool to eliminate a dissident. Kill a political rival, shut up a logical voice, disappear a ‘security threat’ and ‘brothers’ fanatics are there to cover it up.
Right—none has accepted responsibility and hence none can be blamed for the kidnapping of Shahbaz Taseer. However, it doesn’t mean the civilized Pakistan shall wait and watch till the ‘competent’ authorities produce him in a crowded press conference. The Taseers’ history and disappearance of a family member on a street of a comparatively ‘liberal’ Lahore raises several questions.
At the first place it questions whether the ‘Qadris at large’ are strong enough to call shots. They killed one Taseer for not committing blasphemy but for he wanted to add logic per religious teachings to the country’s controversial laws on blasphemy. Did they kidnap the other--younger Taseer, to secure the release of the assassin Qadri? You never know as it may unfold in that direction. The term ‘never know’ fits in very much in current Pakistan. The country’s powerful military always denied presence of Terror Khalifa Osama bin Laden in Pakistan and as ‘we never knew’, US forces took him out on May 2nd 2011 from a fortified compound in the garrison city Abbottabad, at a stone throw distance from a military base.
While everyone in Pakistan knew the sensitivities attached to Taseers family, the second question is why Sharifs-led Punjab failed in protecting members of the family. Sharifs, law minister Rana Sanaullah, some other cabinet members and their ‘rightist’ politics are ideologically don’t seem sincere in providing security to each and every citizen of Punjab. Its short history in power proved that minorities are vulnerable to the worst-ever atrocities, political rivals are discriminated and Islamists are flourishing. Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s message of ‘brotherhood’ to Taliban is on record. Law Minister Rana Sanaullah’s relations with the militant groups are undeniable. Sharifs’ friendship with Wahabi-based rule of Saud royal family of Saudi Arabia is a known fact. These are more than enough reasons for making Punjab a comfortable home for the Qadris and their likes. And there comes the question: Is Sharifs-led Punjab sincere and capable of bringing home the kidnapped Taseer?
The third question is will Pakistan beat the theory that the crazy ‘Qadri mindset’ be not used as an excuse for killing political rivals, hushing religious tolerance and draining the country out of the logical mind? The current course of action is turning this theory into a faith, unfortunately. The majority in Pakistan, however, seem determined to resist it. That is perhaps the encouraging   side of the status quo as the forces of the crazy theories with all weapons, resources and local media support at hand couldn’t win a majority for their nasty designs. They are few monsters and as said by Shehrbano Taseer, sister of Shahbaz Taseer, in one of her latest tweets: “Lets not spew hate against a nation of 180 million people because of cruelty of a few. We love Pakistan. Inshallah my brave beloved brother will be home and safe.” 

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