Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tucking tail between the legs and chewing dignity

Just two days after Pakistan’s chief of the Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani harangued the nation on ‘dignity and prosperity,’ the US Navy SEALs got Geronimo (code name for Osama bin Laden) in a military backyard (or courtyard) in Abbottabad. The COAS concluded his speech on the ‘Yaum-i-Shuhada’ (Day of the Martyrs’) with these words: “We cannot sacrifice Pakistan’s dignity for prosperity’s sake."
His remarks followed by Geronimo’s killing right under his nose are worth examining. By coughing up such pearls of wisdom one day and tucking his tail between the legs the next day the General and his chief spy Shuja Pasha have set a new precedent for the stigmatized nation. A ‘bloody civilian’ is waiting for the occasion to still uncertain whether the generals are incompetent or they are the ‘uniformed’ and ‘clean shaved’ affiliates of the global terror network al-Qaeda.
The chain of events since OBL’s killing gives a message to the nation that the General was telling lies on Day of the Martyrs’ or he was drunk enough that didn’t mean what he was stating.
Out of the two baits, dignity and prosperity, the top generals so far are chewing the ‘prosperity’ by kicking out ‘dignity’. The post-OBL saga and the circumstantial evidences, as many in Pakistan describe it, have exposed the butts of the generals’ with their paints on their shoulders, but they are shamelessly sticking to the mantra of ‘prosperity’. Instead of deciding who should go home in the post-OBL corps commanders’ meetings, the general and the only unaccountable group of 11 or so on the Earth warned they would not tolerate another such a daredevil operation on its soil. The US and bloody civilians of Pakistan are interpreting this warning as if the generals will fight unto death to protect the remaining most wanted men of al-Qaeda and the Taliban hiding in Pakistan’s military backyards.
The post-OBL Pakistan presents a perfect contrast to the Arab nations fighting for dignity on the streets. They rejected Ben Ladenism and opted for securing self-respect and prosperity. In Pakistan, the generals, media and the whole lot of right-wingers are asking questions how US dared violating their sovereignty on May 2, the day the monster was killed. The reaction of military, media and right wingers shows the three forces want Pakistan to be seen as an affiliate and sympathizer of the global terrorist networks and thereby humiliate its citizens in the comity of nations.
The post-OBL Pakistan has one revolutionary mark, however—educated Pakistanis have started criticizing their military’s dirty games despite full speed propaganda to protect the generals’ follies and felonies.  This single episode of killing OBL in a military backyard has a message for them: The military is neither giving dignity nor prosperity to the bloody civilians.

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