Saturday, May 14, 2011

ISI woos Parliament; MPs disappoint their voters

Pakistan’s outrageous behavior after the killing of the ‘protected’ al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden clearly underlines the fact that Islamabad is fighting a high speed proxy war against everyone who challenges terror and builds Afghanistan. The appalling side of this self-defeating and funds-constrained policy is the response of Pakistan parliament to the military-led ‘misadventures’ in the country’s western courtyard and beyond the Durand Line on Afghan soil.
The anti-terror Pakistanis thought the members of parliament (MPs) would question military’s possible collaboration in hiding bin Laden in a plain sight in the garrison city of Abbottabad. The MPs, rather, chose playing on the turf of the military and extremists during the May 13 in-camera joint session of the parliament. They demanded ‘no repeat’ of the Abbottabad-style raid and called for an end to drone strikes ‘against terrorists’ on Pakistan’s soil in a resolution passed by the joint session.
Ask top militants in Pakistan what they would demand from the international community if they were asked for presenting their wish list. And imagine their demands—they would not seek support for enforcing Sharia nor would they demand money, logistics or weapons. They will rather follow the parliament, demanding an immediate end to their most effective and number one enemy—drone attacks and ‘no repeat’ of Abbottabad-style raids.
Pakistanis are shocked that the elected Parliament has not represented their views on terrorism. The 400 plus MPs in the joint session didn’t note that scores of terrorist groups and hundreds of militants were killing Pakistanis on almost daily basis in suicide attacks and destroying the infra-structure of education and health in Pakhtunkhwa and FATA. They didn’t come out with Made -in-Pakistan solution for combating terror while rejecting the Made-in-USA strategy of surgical strikes against bin Laden and his men. They also failed to ask what Pakistan has done so far against militants who have been arrested and have not yet been presented in the courts.
The resolution, instead, demands protection of the high value terrorists and their blood hungry affiliates hiding in Pakistan by opposing drone attacks. Under the spell of top military generals behind the  closed doors of Parliament, they were seeking protection  for the  terrorists on a day when militants blew up at least 89 border security militiamen in the volatile Pakhtunkhwa province in a bid to, what militants called as, ‘revenge of Osama bin Laden’.
The famous slogan of deceit, disloyalty and treachery—“You too Brutus”—comes to one’s mind the way Parliament chose standing in line with the military, extremists and propagators of hate and anti-Americanism.
Seeking no action against the religious monsters and on top of that demanding ‘no repeat of Abbottabad-style raid’ and ‘end to drone attacks’ are not what civilized Pakistanis want. They interpret this approach as giving up to terrorists, their masters and their handlers.
The demands of the Parliament also underline the divisions within Pakistan. The country’s security apparatus, led by the largest ethnic group Punjabis, damn cares as long as terrorism is blowing up men and women, school and hospital, and mosque and markets far away from the economic and political centers of the country. Today it is Punjab-led military, Punjab-dominated Parliament and its media that oppose the drone attacks against terrorists. The civilized Pakistanis welcome the use of all available tools against terrorists as gifts for their soil to purge it off the rotten eggs, hatched by the believers in the ‘strategic depth’, sitting in GHQ, Rawalpindi. The sooner it happens the better it is.

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