Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lashing and killing women: Cruelty, thy name is Taliban!

While the West was busy with making laws to prohibit and limit shooting birds and animals in its wild lands, the screams of women woke up millions in Pakistan and Afghanistan as the Taliban whipped them, stoned them and shot them dead in public places during the last two decades.  This was the period when the Taliban emerged as unbeatable mark men in shooting women on charges ranging from adultery to any allegation that could tempt their whims and fit their objectives in the military-abandoned regions of the two neighboring countries.
Championing the cause of self-styled Sharia, first in Afghanistan and then in Swat Valley and Pakistan’s tribal regions, the Taliban furthered their fictitious religious agenda by using every tool of barbarity against the daughter of Eve. Through their self-styled misogynist Sharia courts manned by ‘judges’ from the Dark Ages, the Taliban thought that only harsh decrees and severe punishments against women would help revive the Khilafat or Caliphate--a dreamland where even a dog will not die out of thirst.
The Taliban imprisoned women in Kabul and Kandahar on charges of adultery, immoral behavior and elopement. Their kangaroo courts then sentenced them to executions, stoning to death or lashing with a whip as per their interpretation of Sharia. The Taliban would inflict these punishments in public places on Fridays in Kabul and Kandahar with the tacit approval of their patrons in the GHQ in Rawalpindi.
The buck did not stop in Kabul and Kandahar. The unforgettable shrieks of the 17 year old Chand Bibi of the Swat Valley pricked the conscience of common people when they watched the video showing the Taliban whipping the girl in public in late March 2009. Her screams in the two-minute video clip yelling, “Either kill me or stop it” exposed Taliban’s Sharia for women of Pakistan. Her face down on the ground and held tight by turbaned Taliban militants was a shocking scene as she was lashed 34 times. Now in custody and then spokesman of the Taliban in Swat, Muslim Khan, alleged that Chand Bibi “came out her house with another person who was not her husband so we must punish her.” She was in fact punished for refusing the proposal of a Taliban commander.
Just two months before the public whipping of Chand Bibi, one morning in January 2009, Swatis woke up to behold with horror a bullet-riddled body of a local female artist, Shabana, lying in the Green Square of Mingora, the valley’s largest city.  Through their FM radio, the Taliban warned all female artists to learn a lesson from Shabana or you too would be screwed on to the Green Square. The Swat Taliban murdered a total of 26 women including a female police official. Most of the victims had denied marrying Taliban gunmen and in return were implicated in false charges of adultery and immoral activities.
Funded by the Wahabis of the House of Saud and supported by believers in the so-called ‘strategic depth’, the Taliban in the two countries have destroyed hundreds of girls schools (over 300 girls schools were blown up only in Swat Valley) since they started fight against humanity and civilization in the Oxus-Indus valleys. Many girls had been sprinkled with acid while on their way to schools still others were killed for their only sin to answer the call of the Creator—“Seeking knowledge is the right of every Muslim man and woman.” (Holy Quran). The Taliban, rather, with every religious decree and assault on the respect of woman, told the masses in AfPak regions: “Sword is for the man; and for woman, God has created the needle”. (Tennyson)
The misogynist Taliban and the radical clerics in the two countries formulated a Sharia to terrorize the woman’s soul and love her body—and burqa. With the body of a woman, they satiate their lust and in Burqa the coward Mullah runs for cover while fleeing the wrath of Allah.
An estimated 100 million women in Pakistan and Afghanistan (provided 50 percent of the estimated 200 million population of the two countries are women) owe their freedom today to Chand Bibi and Shabana of Swat Valley, and Sanobar Bibi of Afghanistan, executed by Afghan Taliban, as they observe Women International Day on March 8th. The civil society of the region needs to recognize their sacrifices. 


  1. What a pathetic post! You are not from sunnah after all what you have said, it is shocking to me that your sect and clan is hindering the pious words of Almighty

    A word worth of million is "try to educate people, don't judge the whole society"

  2. There can't be any better explanation "A Sharia to terrorize the woman's soul and love her body--and burqa".. well unfortunately those who own the religion have forgotten what the Holiest of the mankind, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said or did in protecting even the worst of the sinners. Ah the sunnah of the prophet which not even the pious follow these days

  3. Gulshan ara bi bi,
    u portrait what u see and many innocent like u have same opinion,but why u see herself only,thousand of man and woman has been killed by drown attacks,thousand have been blown away by bum bars,
    u represents what,u value only actress sole.there is no value of other country men.
    money and public fame this is our agenda or serve humanity, decide ur self.
    Afghanistan and Pakistan passing through a verse type of foreign occupation,and Pakhtoon built are using front line,this is a fact why we ignore it.