Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Eat your hearts out! Davis is free

Dear anchors, your broken hearts were so visible on Wednesday (March 16). Sorry, the ISI stabbed you in the back, but you are still doing a great job by making Sharifs and Zardari punching bags. A deal, clearly and loudly approved by the Quran and Pakistan’s legal system, finally released your enemy number one, Raymond Davis amid incessant protests incited by you. The court’s decision surprised The News' Sherlock Holmes-tuned-Mufti Ansar Abbassi, Geo's Tie Wala Mullah Hamid Mir and champion of the champions Kamran Khan—the evil axis of Pakistani journalism.
They parroted a particular line given by their masters for all these weeks but lost their connection when the masters took a U-turn, more or less like a ‘Mujahideen Syndrome' for the axis. The intelligence agencies used the Mujahideen in Afghanistan and Kashmir for years and then they needed them to shut down their factories. The holy warriors, however, opted for taking the fight to its masters’ doors in Washington and Islamabad, ignoring the fact they would be charged as terrorists. So is the case with the so-called self-proclaimed protectors of Pakistan’s honor in the comity of media men. 
The anchorpersons told poor Pakistanis that CIA contractor Raymond Davis deserves a walk through gallows for the murder of two Pakistanis with a handgun and killing yet another by speeding a vehicle of the U.S Consulate in Lahore, no matter what happens. The impression was they issue the decrees from TV studios based on Pakistan’s legal system and as per demands of the victims’ families. The insiders though knew they were reading from a ready-made script. On Wednesday, they were playing on a different pitch but were reading the old script, showing them unfaithful to their darlings.
The Pakistani style Sherlock Holmes Mr. Abbassi was convincing the Geo TV audience that the court should have charged Mr. Davis for creating “Fasad Fil Ardh”, meaning ‘violence on earth’ instead. The resolution of the murder issue based on the well-known Islamic practice Diyyat seemed unacceptable to him.
The Tie Wala Mullah Hamid Mir started his propaganda Capital Talk with lashing out at his critics, saying the TV anchorpersons were always accused for their views on the Davis case. At one stage he recalled the statement of a US attorney who notoriously said a Pakistani was worth $10--in an attempt to disapprove the drop scene of the CIA-ISI clash on the issue.
And then came the chief Khateeb Kamran Khan. “Pakistanis looked on and the CIA whisked away its agent,” Mr Khan complained while starting his long monologue on Wednesday evening. Making the court decision a butt of ridicule, he recommended the case to be recorded in the Gunnies Book.
A black day for the axis and its likes in Pakistani journalism! They unfortunately avoided going deep into the matter. They failed telling their poor audience that who stopped Asad Manzoor Butt, lawyer of the victims’ families in the Davis case, from contacting his clients for last four or so days. Mr. Butt was hired by Jama’at-e-Islami to plead the case. The anchorpersons didn’t tell the masses that a Supreme Court lawyer, Raja Irshad Kiyani, hired just two days before the court acquitted Mr. Davis, presented the signed deal wherein the families of the victims, availing their legal rights, dropped the prosecution in return for compensation amounting to $2.3 million.  And of course, they kept a hush what passed on in between the ISI and CIA for the release of Mr. Davis.
The game is over, at least in Pakistan’s courts. Demanded by the religious parties, mainly Jama’at-e-Islami, Jamiat-e-Ulama-e-Islam, Lashkar-e-Tayyeba or Jama’at ud Da’awa and well-articulated by the right-wing anchorpersons, Mr. Davis escaped the noose. They sounded nonsense all this time as they mistook Pak military for a tough stand on what some called its murdered spies.

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  1. Excellent! I like your axis of evil journalistic trio. Very well written, blunt and relevant.