Sunday, March 6, 2011

The bane of creeping Wahabism

I can recollect from my early childhood when my grandfather used to yell at my brothers and cousins, “You the sons of Wahabi” whenever they would arouse his ire for their childhood peccadilloes. People at that time used to associate a murderer, a thief or an aggressor against the weaker with what they called “sons of Wahabi”.
From the grandparents it was an acceptable slang, but it would lead to a scuffle if used by a neighbor, a class-fellow or a playmate. In the good old days it stood for someone with a ruthless heart. Then suddenly a portrait flooded almost every small and big city in late 1970s. A heavily built jallad with a stream of blood dripping from his sword as he stood by a human head severed from his body.
This was the portrait of the nephew of then king of Saudi Arabia, Shah Faisal. The guy, Prince Faisal bin Musaed, shot dead the king in March 1975 and was decapitated in June the same year for committing regicide.
Muslims in Pakistan and perhaps in the rest of the Muslim world were buying the sketch, showing the beheaded prince, like a hot cake.  That was the first time I got a glimpse of the Wahabi justice of Saudi Arabia which inspired men and women in our and every village.
The demo of the Wahabi justice system in the portrait was followed by stories of Pakistanis coming from Saudi Arabia after years long hard jobs in cities of Makkah, Madina, Jeddah and Riyadh. I remember the early batch of Pakistani daily wagers returning from Saudi Arabia telling tales of the Saudi justice system. “Every Friday, shurtha (Saudi police) brings in criminals to a ground. A sword-brandishing Jallad runs from a distance and with a single blow cuts the head of the criminal whose hands and legs are tied. Women found guilty of adultery are stoned to death.” Such stories travelled by the word of mouth from village to town and locals used to show approval for it.
Then Peshawar saw its walls splattered with graffiti like “Mujahid-e-Akbar, Sheikh Jameel-ur-Rehman”. Activists of Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT)—student wing of the Jama’at-e-Islami (JI)—would tell that Sheikh Jameel-ur-Rehman was from Kunar province, an Afghan Wahabi and fighting against the former Soviet troops in eastern Afghanistan.
Then came in names like Sheikh Abdullah Azzam and Osama bin Laden. The story was then common that Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI was planning together with the Arabs and Afghans to push the Red army back across the River Oxus aka the Amu Darya separating Afghanistan from the then Soviet Union.
But the story did not stop there.  The Taliban emerged in Afghanistan in mid 1990s. Under the influence of their Arab guests, they imposed the Wahabi legal system. Pakistan’s pro-Taliban media published stories of the Taliban shooting men and women on charges of murder, cutting hands of alleged thieves, stoning women to death and flogging men and women for committing adultery.
And finally they fell back on Pakistan. Taliban and their associates introduced the House of Saud- sponsored Wahabi agenda in tribal regions of Pakistan and Swat valley of Pakhtunkhwa. Beheading dissidents is the name of the game now in the military’s abandoned regions under the Taliban. The lunacy is spilling over into the Punjab from Waziristan with the tacit, nay public, support of Sharifs—the ruling brothers. Love for Taliban’s justice system of the two brothers is on record and their loyalty for the House of Saud is well-known.
The story tells how the Taliban and their bedfellows in Afghanistan and Pakistan have tampered the overwhelmingly dominant Hanafi school of thought in South Asia. They would not use the term Wahabism for extending their religious agenda, but the funds coming from the Arab peninsula are to be used to render our women as a commodity for sale, our freedom as blasphemy, our dress as anti-Islam, we all as brothers of Satan and condemned to the Wahhabi sword of Jallad. Keep watch on them! 


  1. A knowledgeable friend of mine once said the humbleness and politeness of Imam abu Hanifa and his teachings are under deep threat from the owners of Islam,i.e the Wahabis. That is when i myself had little knowledge about different sects and schools of thought of Islam. but then i grew up and through reading, came to know about the fellas who's Islam made all the Ajamai's inferior to them.
    I believe we, the peace loving Pushtoons, who love their religion more than many, would continue to be fooled by imported sheikhs and their comrades like Maulana Diesel and co.

  2. I was born in the foot steps of
    Mystical Himaliaya and great Hindukush
    I grew up on the bank of River Swat and Kabul
    I grew up at the foot of Attock and Farah
    Mehran, Ghazni, Qandooz,Malakand and Khyber
    I played in the planes of Bagram, Wana and Shindoor
    I climbed the mountains of Qandhar and Chiratt
    I stormed the deserts of Hilmand and Karak
    I have witnessed the blosom Of Lala and Tulips
    I drank from Saifulmalook and River Kabul
    I ate from the fields of wardak and Kohat
    I grew up among fairy tale characters, guns and Leopards
    I drank from great fountains of Ilm & Iman

    Many stories I can tell,
    many songs I can sing.
    Mountains taught me to stand erect
    with my chin up, to be exact.

    I vow to be staunch and unbending,
    to face the storms and harsh weathering.
    Violent rivers taught me to be
    magnanimous, vigorous and yet so free.
    Deserts and bare planes taught me to bear burning storms
    Sun rays, flowers and the dew drops
    have given me a beautiful heart.

    The tests from ALLAH
    have exquisitely forged my gallant morals
    I embraced the free air & wild breeze,
    which has ,with its due course
    merged my will,strength & thoughts
    into an organic whole (Eman)

    I am part of my land,part of Nature part of ISLAM
    Nature, Pukhtuns & ISLAM
    are a single entity, inseperable...Undefeatable

    I belong to the people,belong to the history.
    I hope that the whole world
    registers my existence.

    Tyrant hands are tampering with me now,
    and damaging my true being.
    The war drums are shaking the Earth,
    the alarms sounding from far and wide.
    Armies are lining again....
    Tyrants are trying to wipe me out.

    My colourful dreams and songs of peace

    My love of Creator and HIS true path
    are mingled with the sounds of war.
    But thats not the dream I dreamt,
    neither my fate, I won't comment.
    My history testifies and my valor proves
    Our luck shall blossom,
    we'll rise with emaan
    I'm sure,again
    our fortune shall definitely change.
    The spring shall return
    and the birds shall sing.
    Tawheed will enlighten our hearts and land

    Earth and tyrant powers in it
    may not live forever,
    but the tales of gallant Pukhtuns,
    tale of perishing of falsehood
    shall always remain. INSHALLAH

  3. cant agree more!

  4. Religion is someone personal. No body should enforce his/her own ideas on other such as what is happening in terror centre pakistan. Agencies created this strange creature "wahabies" just to desablize pakhtun regions and replace the nationalist spirit of pakhtun with the so called religious one that's unfortunate.

  5. Good article. I hope and pray that one day the truth shall dawn on all of us. I hope and pray that the Saudis will wake up soon. By the way it is Allah who safeguards Islam and the Holy places not these debauches. I hope and pray that my children will live in a more tolerant Pakistan. Allah shall help us only if we persist in calling the murders what they really are.