Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And now a peep into Mullah's Utopian state

When a Mullah, in his Friday sermon, draws the contours of his Utopian state somewhere in Pakistan and Afganistan, the imagined state will be cleansed of the following: television, both at home and office; women at work places; schools for girls; barber shops; family planning; polio vaccines for children; clean shaven men; marriages out of love; heads without a cap or scarf; fashion shows; bank accounts; threats from al-Qaeda; political dissedents; and absence from mosques during prayers.
Look for their comparisons: Mullahs identify television with Dajjal--the anti-Christ; woman with fitna (the root of every evil), though they love to marry them in bundles; family planning and polio vaccination with a Christian-Jewish conspiracy against the increasing Muslim population; love with a Satanic act; un-covered heads of men and women with places for Satan to pee on; a non-Muslim with an unfriend (read enemy) of Muslim; 9/11 an insiders’ job; documented economy something forbidden; opposition something to be crushed without mercy; and the toughest punishment for those who don’t pray in the mosques—imagine! its no less than death sentence.
Hundreds of thousands of Muslims file out of  mosques in Pakistan and Afghanistan every Friday with more or less the same messages, sullying their hearts and pounding their minds until the next Friday. Mullahs are the socially approved diplomats of what their hard-core brothers, known as the Taliban, al-Qaeda or Mujahideen, try to practice in Pakistan’s tribal regions, Pakhtunkwa province, Taliban-controlled Afghanistan and Indian-adminsieterd Kashmir.
In the shrill of their selective, out-of-context use of Quranic verses, Prophet (PBUH)’s Ahadith (sayings) and tales of the Muslim history, Mullahs, however, are silent on the increasing incidents of honour killings based on unproven allegations, burying women alive, violence against the weak sections of Pakistan or Afghan society, rights of women and minorities, and the increasing intolerance for dissident voices.
Based on Friday sermons, the imagined state of the Mullah is not structured on the principles of: say no evil, see no evil and hear no evil. It will be, rather, the other way around. Its ruling council comprising the likes of Mangal Bagh (a local transporter-turned-religious puritan in Khyber tribal region), Maulvi Umar (a local hawker-turned-Taliban spokesman), Mullah Fazlullah (a cable lift operator-turned-Taliban leader), Hakeemullah (a criminal-turned-TTP chief), and Mullah Omar ( an imam of merely 100-man-turned a self-styled Amir-ul-Momineen) will be the final authority on the good and bad deeds of individuals based on their religious whims.
Once created, they will appoint their owm men on all administrative positions in their would-be state, declaring them as men of Allah. One out of 10 children will be a polio victim. Half of the population, that is, women will be unable to read. The young Muslims will become fodder of the international Jehad. The outer world will be unable to distingush between a Muslim and a Sikh. The imagined state will be an environmental hazard as the Mullahs will have the lisence to shout in loudspeakers in every  corner day in and day out. And don’t forget, its subjects will always be running for cover to avoid drone attacks.
Pragmatism of the would-be state of Mullah will be based more on religious heart and less on political mind. Its leaders will feel proud for not having a bank account. The then senior minister in MMA government in Pakhtunkhwa Siraj ul Haq, who was also the finance minister, would proudly tell people he has no bank account. Even calling from a slippary pitch, the leader of the house (if it maintains a shape), will talk high. The latest models of Mullah-led political wisdom are reflected well in sermons delivered recently in two Kabul mosques. Mullah of one mosque boldy pledges for "any plan that can defeat" foreign military forces in Afghanistan, denouncing what he called "the political power of these children of Jews." His colleague in another mosque tells his audience, "Let these jackals leave this country. Let these brothers of monkeys, gorillas and pigs leave this country. The people of Afghanistan should determine their own fate." Both Mullahs, for reasons well known to them, do not tell the gatherings who will replace the foreigners after they leave Afghanistan.
In Pakistan, just across the border, an Imam in Pakistan’s Peshawar city tells his followers in the city’s largest mosque, Masjid Mohabat Khan, he will give a reward of five million rupees for the would-be killer of Aasia Bibi, an illiterate Pakistani Christian woman accused of committing blasphemy. The Imam, Maulana Yusaf Qurishi, has political affiliation with Pakistan’s anti-Western and pro-military religious group Jama’at-e-Islami.
And yet another one--a PML (Q) politician turned Fatwa-issuer, Sardar Ebaad Dogar of Multan who announced Rs 20 million reward for anyone killing Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, finally assassinated by his bodyguard, for his alleged support for amending Pakistan’s controversial blasphemy laws.
The centuries old unchallenged strength of the pulpit makes Mullah the real shephard of his herd of less-educated followers.  If not controlled, none seems to be safe—neither the state nor its otherwise peaceful residents. The states of Pakistan and Afghanistan have, however, yet to use the stick to discipline the preachers of hate as none is arrested or banned from delivering the hate sermons.

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